Congratulations for enrolling in the Fellowship/Mastership Program!

ADAA is going green, so we will not be mailing the enrollment packet to you (ADAA will mail you a hard copy of the packet if you call and request it).  Below you will find a list of the packet with forms that you will need.  Enjoy your journey!


Downloading this packet does not enroll you in the Mastership Program; you must enroll by filling out the ADAA Mastership Enrollment Form.


If you encounter any issues viewing the pdf, please install the latest Acrobat Reader from here.


Mastership Welcome Letter

1-Mastership Guidelines

2-Commonly Asked Questions

3-Reporting Mastership Credits

Mastership Subject Code Lists

4a-Subject Code List for Clinical

4b-Subject Code List for Business

5-Blank Mastership Credit Report Form (MS Word/PDF)

6a-Sample Credit Report Form (Lecture)

6b-Sample Credit Report Form (Participation)

7-Credit Verification Form (MS Word/PDF)

8a-Blank Clinical Mastership Tracking Form (MS Word/PDF)

8b-Blank Business Mastership Tracking Form (MS Word/PDF)




Visit the Fellowship/Mastership main page for more info.